Hey Newgrounds

2012-10-04 11:50:55 by TomsWorld

Hey Newgrounds! ^^

Just working on another pokemon animation!! I Would of moved on to a different subject, but my previously animation of a pokemon parody didn't go down well, so thats why im making another one!! It'll be out soon, so i hope you like it! :)

Hey Newgrounds

Ola Newgrounds!

2012-08-24 04:07:04 by TomsWorld

Hey there, i'v been making youtube animations for quite a while now, and so i'v decided to get newgrounds aswell... But eventhough i'm not very active on newgrounds, here is the link for my youtube. I'd prefer you to watch them on youtube! ^^

http://www.youtube.com/user/tomiatoe?feature=mhe e

**Edit** I'v took a liking to newgrounds, the only thing im struggling with is quality. Anyone know how to convert avi. to swf.?